Saturday, February 17, 2007

To Those

Wind-milled giants beckon,
Ferry travellers reckon,
Hedonistic secrets of shory white inventions.

The loud mediterranean sun burns,
The whispering Meltemi wind churns,
Telling tales untold to those that turn.

Buzzing buzzers,
Cackling cacklers,
Herding herds,
Revealing unmarked paths to those that beset the long billed bird.

The stewing lamb,
The dry mouthing sea,
The scent of settling dust,
Giving hidden hints to those made mystery by midday musky musk.

The baking pebble sand,
The lukewarm liquid blue,
The feel of silvery showy show,
Entrusting experienced feelings felt to those and Me-To-Know.

- aL Mykonos, Greece 09/09/01